"Common Good Things"

It’s a simple name, but takes us into the deepest truths and most gorgeous invitations.   These products are common and simple, the stuff of everyday life.   And they are good, each one thoughtfully conceived and crafted with love.  And they are, well, things…products, items that are made and created and brought forth using human hands working with the stuff of creation.

And they are for the “common good”.   There’s a whole worldview in our products!

In the very beginning, God created all things for the good of all things, both people and planet.  God gave us the gift of all creation and set men and women loose to steward it well, to develop it, to make something of it that would benefit both in a way that all of it together would flourish, and live into all of its beauty in harmony.    The divine design is that the planet would provide things that would be good for people, and people would create things that would be good for others in a way that was also good for the planet, so that all would be the perfection that God envisioned.  It was all made for shalom, for peace, for fullness and richness and the mutual flourishing of all things.  From the beginning God’s vision has been for the common good.  Through this all things would know the goodness and wisdom and presence of God.  We would all know that God is a God of Shalom, a God of lavish abundance.  Most of all, we would all know that God is Love, and we could know God.

All the vocations of humankind are meant for making this Shalom and cultivating this common good–lawyers, folks in business, farmers, builders, mothers and fathers, engineers, priests, doctors and nurses, politicians, teachers, creators, artists…the list is long.   When people in any vocation apply their best skill and knowledge and effort to do things for the benefit of others, God’s purposes march forward.   Work done with excellence for the common good is indeed worship.  A good business honors God as much as a good sermon.   Creating things that benefit all–the makers, the consumers, the planet–honors The Maker.

So “Common Good Things”.  As a business and ministry of Coracle, we offer products that carry the love of God for all things, and a sense of God’s vision for all things.  We hope that by eating them, seeing them, sharing them, and holding them in our hands, we are reminded of the goodness and reality of God and the near presence of Jesus who came to get God’s beautiful vision for all of creation back on track towards the design that’s been there since the very beginning.


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